Von Borries Blanco Law firm offers counsel and representation in favor of public and private companies as well as Bolivian and multinational corporate groups developing comprehensive legal activities in every legal required.

This legal service also comprehends a permanent assistance in favor of companies in their everyday operations, in the structuration, incorporation of companies, establishment of branch offices, start up and development of complex businesses and also in extraordinary situations that require effective legal solutions. The Law Firm counsels, drafts and negotiates goods and services contracts; it takes part in licitation procedures and the networking of its clients with the Bolivian Government. This legal service also comprehends an specific orientation in the sales or purchase of corporate participation and the establishment of commerce and industries; the planning and execution of corporate restructuring; mergers and acquisitions; corporate break ups; joint ventures; negotiation of stock holders agreements; the defense of minority shareholders; due diligences; financing plans and the issuance of bands and shares; participation in board of directors; modification of by laws; the transformation of corporations and the dissolution. The premise is to grant efficient results through specialized counsel that allows our clients to know the legal situation of their activity as well as the right steps that must be taken in order to protect their businesses.