In the civil law area, Von Borries Blanco Law firm offers legal advice to companies and individuals, assuring efficient solutions judicially as well as extrajudicial, within conflicts pertaining all kinds of patrimonial rights and obligations, safeguarding the legal protection of personal property, real property, rights inherent to personality, be it of a natural person or legal entity.

The Law Firm has participated in civil procedures of great complexity and quantity in Bolivian territory as well as abroad. The Law Firm’s specialized team of lawyers in the civil procedure area are also in charge of portfolio recovery of the major banks in Bolivia, counseling also individuals in the recovery of debts through the collection and/or execution of credit instruments, accounts payable, unpaid invoices, checks, promissory notes and others, carrying out an analysis previous to the collection of the legal feasibility of the recovery of the debts through the corresponding judicial processes, garnishment, seizure, auction and others. As regards to clients that have the quality of debtor, the Law Firm offers them advice in order to establish negotiation strategies, reach agreements settling on payment plans, revising liquidations and taking the client’s defense in judicial complaints through the proper use of means of defense in order to protect the client’s patrimonial interests.

The Law Firm also grants counsel on the formation of associations and foundations, the subscription of civil sales contracts, rental contracts, anthicresis, mortgage loans, secured loans and others, as well as the solution of controversies that may arise from them.

Our priority is to provide an efficient service informing our clients with custom made legal reports. A fluid contact with the client is permanent allowing the client to have knowledge of the state of its legal proceeding.

Von Borries Blanco Law Firm offers preventive counsel for the subscription of contracts that imply a high risk for its clients, analyzing every possible scenario providing relevant information regarding the parties involved. The purpose of this service consists in reducing any risk that a client might confront with conflictive situations that may be resolved before judicial forums. This is the reason that the counsel provided includes the composition of contracts incorporating clauses that protect the patrimonial interests of the client.

The Law Firm also offers its clients counsel in conflicts related with consortiums of ownership, such as those inherent to joint tenancy by laws, legal preparation of different kinds of joint tenancy assemblies, drafting of notices to assemblies and the agenda of these assemblies.

In relation to Inheritance Law, Von Borries Blanco provides counsel in order to elaborate wills in its different modalities and legal categories according to the needs of every specific case and for the patrimonial distribution of hereditary possessions and rights providing a comprehensive service that allows the consolidation of hereditary rights.